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How to execute a T-SQL command to every table in SQL Server database

sp_MSforeachtable is a stored procedure that is mostly used to apply a T-SQL command to every table, iteratively, that exists in the current database. Examples on how to use it: 1-Perform an unconditional reindex over all tables in the database: EXEC sp_MSforeachtable 'DBCC DBREINDEX(''?'')' 2-Truncate all tables in the database: EXEC sp_MSforeachtable 'TRUNCATE TABLE ?' 3-Get the information about the...

Exception Handling in Angular 10

I am using Angular 10 and when I click to open Persons page I get “Nulljector error” and redirect me to the home page . NullInjectorError: No provider for PersonServiceProxy! <a ng-reflect-router-link="/app/main/phonebook" href="/app/main/phonebook">phonebook </a> The solution : Add your ServiceProxy to providers in "\angular\src\shared\service-proxies\service-proxy.module.ts". Open service-proxy.module.ts fileIn @NgModule > providers > Add this Line “ApiServiceProxies.PersonServiceProxy” like this

Scalable Solutions by Nile Bits Take Care of The Business Needs of Today: GoodFirms

Nile Bits is a proponent in the software development field that has etched its name in the good books of GoodFirms. About the Company Nile Bits, founded in 2014, located in Canada and Egypt, offers the best and most effective software development, testing, and mobile app development solutions. The company offers full-cycle services that leverage professionalism and...