Why Nile Bits

Why Nile Bits

An appropriate partner company for successful and goal-oriented outsourcing can be as hard to find as a needle in a haystack. However, here at Nile Bits we provide a combination of western quality standards and management guidelines with Egyptian know-how and work ethic.

We always provide project management on location supported by bilingual employees so direct communication on operational level is ensured. Nile Bits offers the valuable possibility to combine US-European quality with Egyptian costs.

Agile Methodology

Nile Bits has adopted the agile concepts since its inception, believing that being flexible to ever-changing business circumstances. Nile Bits understands the customer’s requirements, provides them with the solution & resources plan that would fit their needs & be ready to changes.

Value vs Money

Even though that Nile Bits rates are relatively appropriate, yet we care more about Value than Money. Our main objective is always good value to give our customers so they also pay us back with good recommendations!