Staff Augmentation

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The Extra Talent Needed to Boost Your Projects

Having the right-sized team is critical to any successful project, and as they mature, it may be necessary to add new members who are exactly right for the job. Our IT staff augmentation services provide your team with the speed, professional knowledge, and flexibility it requires to scale quickly and complete development on time.

Your Extended Team functions as an extension of your local team, attending regular daily meetings and reporting directly to your managers, providing a significant competitive advantage for your company.

Our IT staff augmentation services are available for all project types. From prototyping to full-scale development of desktop, mobile, or web applications, testing, and system management, no matter how simple or complex.

Nile Bits’ extended team services are a tried-and-true, dependable, and cost-effective way for our clients to quickly expand the size and productivity of their internal development teams. Our dedicated software engineers are the best option for quickly assembling a conveniently located, highly qualified, creative, and experienced team of Top Tech Professionals who integrate with your current workflow.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?


IT Staff Augmentation is a service that allows you to add on-demand talent to your team. This enables businesses to quickly find the right fit for difficult-to-fill or temporary positions, increasing project scalability and efficiency.

IT Staff Augmentation provides the additional talent required to boost your projects.

Companies all over the world are now using IT Staff Augmentation to achieve their objectives faster and more cost-effectively. Any organization can avoid every speed bump associated with sourcing, recruiting, and retaining talented software engineers thanks to IT staffing.

Staff Augmentation

Given how important the model has become, there’s plenty that has been written on the subject. However, there are always questions that remain to be solved. Here, we highlight three points that may come up at one time or another and show how to achieve the optimal solutions.


Cultural Adaptability

Matching the company culture is paramount to avoiding attrition and ensuring teams interact as best as possible.

Developers with string culture alignment with the United States and Canada can seamlessly integrate with in-house teams and traditional staff.

Talent Hiring and Retention

Staff augmentation is a surefire way to jump over the hurdles of finding and retaining top talent, something that lately has been getting harder to accomplish.

You’re provided with the best professionals on a silver plate and don’t need to worry about the time it takes to find the ideal candidates or beating other companies to the punch.

Communication and Interaction

The distributed geography of augmented staff cause employees to stumble when it comes to communication.

The augmented teams must always be interacting with each other and with the in-house staff, assuring constant communication and close goal alignment.

Staff Augmentation is at the core of what we do at Nile Bits

The majority of our developers and software engineers are located in Egypt and will deliver sophisticated solutions that create lasting value across your entire digital acceleration journey.

Dedicated Teams

Nile Bits’ engineers are assigned to a specific client when using software managed services. Engineers are not assigned to additional projects or accounts. Your team’s expertise will help reduce risks along the way and will be preserved throughout the life cycle of Nile Bits’ services.

Top IT Talent

We specialize in the end-to-end delivery of custom technology solutions created by the Top Software Engineering Teams. Our inherent digital leadership identity drives transformation across all industries. With a strategic vision for the future, we are always ready to drive meaningful change.

24/7 Recruitment Process

We are very serious about recruiting. Our hiring process is always in motion to ensure that we have immediate access to the best IT professionals on the market.

Maintain Oversight & Control

Engineers from Nile Bits quickly integrate into your internal team’s processes, report directly to in-house management, and actively participate in daily meetings and progress reports.

Save Time

Meet your deadlines and put our 24-hour recruitment process to work for your team. Find the best professionals for each position in less time.


In our interview process, we rigorously test for logical/mathematical reasoning skills, technical ability, and soft skills. Only engineers who excel in each of these areas are presented to our clients.

Pros of IT Staff Augmentation


Rapidly integrate outstanding software engineers who will increase the capacity of your team and add value to your project.

Easy Hiring

Find and hire the specific skill sets required for each of your projects with ease. There is no need to be concerned about talent retention.

Instant Know-how

With the expertise of an extended team, you can smooth out any project road bumps and minimize downtime.


With on-demand talent, you can scale up or down the size of your development team as needed.

We create impactful solutions that drive meaningful change with a strategic vision.


Working With The Right Partner

To start a successful partnership, research the company’s industry reputation, previous work, recruitment process, and expertise.

Choosing The Outsourcing Model That Works For You

Try to conduct an internal assessment of your experience, capabilities, and weaknesses for this step. IT staff augmentation services are completely customizable, so there will be a model that best meets your requirements.

Define Expectations From The Start

Your design objectives and expectations should be clearly defined. Furthermore, numerous evaluations should be conducted throughout the process in order to clearly identify progress and make necessary changes before investing too many resources.

Prioritize Communication

Working with IT staffing services necessitates the establishment of a clear line of communication as well as the establishment of an effective feedback cycle. This is a critical factor in the success of any project.

What Happens Next?

The best software outsourcing companies will create a maintenance plan tailored to your requirements from the start, ensuring that there is a plan in place to phase out your augmented staff and redirect your in-house team once coding and testing are completed.

The Difference Between Staff Augmentation and Delivery Teams

IT Staff Augmentation

The best software outsourcing companies will create a maintenance plan tailored to your requirements from the start, ensuring that there is a plan in place to phase out your augmented staff and redirect your in-house team once coding and testing are completed.

Dedicated Teams

An expert autonomous team, typically comprised of a PM, SW engineers, QA engineers, and other roles, capable of delivering end-to-end technology solutions and value in a timely and efficient manner.

A Nile Bits Scrum Master/Engineering Manager and the client’s product owner collaborate on management. Everyone interacts as often as necessary to ensure that the best results are delivered on time.

What to look for in your Software Development Partner

Workflow Processes

Communication that is fluid, transparent, and consistent capabilities for automation and data control deadlines, resources, and policies for collaboration.

Security Protocols

Procedures that are consistent policy education and enforcement management of disaster recovery.

Talent Pool

Market’s most talented engineers high levels of productivity and performance a proclivity for innovation

Time Zone

Capabilities for real-time communication management of distributed teams locations and international reach

English Proficiency

Communication that is fluid, transparent, and constant English-speaking and multilingual employees Language proficiency in the region.

Software Development Models

Application of effective frameworks such as Agile and Scrum Real-world experience on various projects and industries Customer relationship and development team.

Common Misconceptions Regarding IT Staff Augmentation

The Main Purpose of IT Staff Augmentation is to Reduce Costs

While IT staffing services were popular a few decades ago due to their cost-cutting abilities, this is not the feature you want to focus on. When it comes to software development, the most important resource to have is talent. Staff Augmentation provides you with access to the region’s best engineers.

IT Staff Augmentation Increases Costs

Could augmented staff actually be more expensive than finding, hiring, and retaining in-house workers? No, in 99% of cases. Augmented teams do not only live in countries where the cost of living (and thus their salaries) is lower; they also do not imply additional labor costs such as health insurance, ongoing training, 401Ks, office supplies, and so on.

Staff Augmentation is the same as Software Outsourcing

While most software development companies that offer staff augmentation services also outsource development, the two are not the same. Simply put, IT staff augmentation adds talent directly to your in-house team. Software Outsourcing, on the other hand, transfers all of the workload to your vendor partner.

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