Dedicated Agile Teams

Dedicated Agile Teams

Dedicated Teams is a business model that refers to an agreement between the client and service provider,
when the latter provides software development professionals to the client on a long term basis.
These specialists are chosen according to the demands of the client for their experience and skill-sets.
The client may decide to manage the team from his or her side, or to assign the service provider’s project manager to coordinate the communication process.

Dedicated developers are best suitable when the scope of the project could not be strictly defined and requirements can be changed during the development process.
The main purpose of this model is to hire a team that will compensate for the lack of necessary expertise and will seamlessly work as your own.

Advantages of the Dedicated Team model:

    • Predictable and defined budget.
    • Because the scope is not strictly defined, requests can be changed any time.
    • Full control over the management of the team.
    • Dedicated team members have a deep understanding of the client’s project and business goals.
    • Continuous communication with the team through everyday communication with the use of web tools like Email, Skype, Slack, Azure DevOps, Jira, Trello, etc…
    • The team is stable and is fully dedicated to the particular client.

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