Skills That Every Backend Developer Should Have

Skills That Every Backend Developer Should Have

Backend development, as the name implies, is the creation of websites from the server side. While front-end developers are in charge of a website’s visuals, backend developers ensure that there is data and a website to work with.

A specific set of skills and knowledge is required for backend developers. Without these abilities, the developer may be unable to get the website up and running. It is critical to understand these so that you know what to look for when hiring remote developers.

This article will investigate these specific skills and knowledge.

Programming Languages

There are numerous programming languages. Each of them has a distinct function. Some programming languages are only suitable for front-end development, while others are only suitable for back-end development.

Java, Nodejs, PHP, .NET, Python, and Ruby are some examples of backend programming languages. It is critical for the developer to be familiar with at least one programming language used for the backend.

Database Management System

Backend developers must be familiar with database management systems because they work with databases (DBMS). A website would have no content to display without a database, and elements may not function properly.

Database systems include MongoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQL Server. It is advantageous to be familiar with more than one DBMS.

Handling Servers

The database will not be able to function without a server. As a result, it is just as important as using a database. To ensure flexibility, a backend developer must be able to work with a variety of servers.

Apache, Nginx, and Microsoft IIS are the most commonly used servers. Additionally, Linux is useful to become an administrator for these servers.

Problem-Solving Skills

Aside from technical skills, backend developers must also have specific soft skills. They must understand the end goal of certain websites and view it as a puzzle. As a result, backend developers must devise a solution to these issues.

In backend development, this means they must be well-versed in algorithms and data structures. They would not have a complete understanding of what the code requires if they did not have this knowledge.

Application Programming Interface

An Application Programming Interface (API) is essential because it enables the application to be connected live to the same application on a different device. Backend developers must understand how to do this and ensure that it works. If not, their app would not work properly.

Understanding of Security Risks

A backend developer must be aware of possible security risks their application may be facing. They must take extra precautions to protect their website or application from breaches.

Backend developers, as well as other staff, are responsible for protecting their website, particularly client data. So, if backend developers can add additional security to their database, it will be better for them, their company, and their clients.

Wrapping Up

While most people are only familiar with frontend developers and their work, backend developers play an important role in the website. The skills listed above are required when working with a backend developer. Fortunately, the backend developers at Nile Bits were carefully selected and trained to have these abilities!

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