How to use Terraform with Azure DevOps

How to use Terraform with Azure DevOps

Infrastructure management can be challenging. Each particular deployment environment’s parameters must be kept up to date by development teams. Environments may get harder or impossible to recreate with time. This would imply that creating and maintaining these environments would need the usage of time-consuming manual techniques. We can utilize Terraform, an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool, to avoid dealing with this hassle.

What is Terraform?

An open-source IaC tool for managing and provisioning cloud infrastructure is called Terraform. Users of this tool can choose their ideal infrastructure setup for the end state. The infrastructure will subsequently be provisioned exactly as indicated. As a result of configuration changes, it may also re-provision infrastructure safely and effectively. This implies that your infrastructure will always be the same.

Using Terraform with Azure DevOps

There is an extension on the Visual Studio Marketplace to make your life simpler, much like with many other technologies. Simply install the Terraform addon to get going. This plugin offers service connections for AWS and GCP for deployment to Amazon or Google clouds; if you’re deploying to Azure, you’ll need to create an Azure Service Principal. It also has tasks for running the main commands and installing the necessary version of Terraform on your agent. It is necessary to configure this extension, including selecting your provider and the command you want the tool to run.

Once your configuration is complete, you can use the Terraform task to maintain your infrastructure automatically by adding it to your build or release pipeline.

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