Nile Bit’s CEO Amr Saafan Unveils the Insights of the Company: GoodFirms

Nile Bit’s CEO Amr Saafan Unveils the Insights of the Company: GoodFirms

Nile Bits is a software outsourcing services provider company that offers the best digital services that are easily expandable, robust, and cost-effective. A panel of top-notch professionals provides proven expertise to ensure the quality and reliability of the services to its clients.

The GoodFirms team had the opportunity to communicate with the company’s Founder & CEO, Amr Saafan, and discuss its service offerings and how they anticipate positioning their organization.

Introducing his company, Amr briefly mentioned that Nile Bits is a software outsourcing company. The software professionals at the company create digital solutions appropriate for every business size. Nile Bits is a specific collaborator company for successful and goal-oriented outsourcing services. Moreover, the development professionals at the company also provide a combination of western quality standards and management guidelines with Egyptian know-how and work ethic.

Taking a look back, the CEO expressed that he used to work as a software developer for an established US-based software company. He added that this client was pleased with Amr’s work and attitude, and he always assigned him too much work. One fine day, Mr. Saafan suggested hiring more developers to help him get the job done, and he agreed and started the Nile Bits company.

Discussing its business model, the CEO explained that Nile Bits’ expert professionals employ in-house resources and outsources them to their clients.

When the GoodFirms team asked the CEO how they keep up with the competition and how they differentiate themselves, Amr replied that several aspects make them unique, which are:

  • Nile Bits prioritizes quality over cost.
  • The team of digital experts at Nile Bits keeps checking developers’ work all the time, by performing code reviews with advanced static analysis tools, according to community and industry standards.
  • The team of developers at Nile Bits offers proactive communication channels between the teams and their clients to calculate their progress or technical issues.

The CEO beams  that Nile Bits caters to Healthcare, FinTech, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Real Estate, ERP, CRM, E-Commerce, Construction, and E-learning services. He further added that their clients are repetitive as most of them are software companies, but they are not redundant in the different fields and industries.

Following his reply, the GoodFirms team asked the CEO to mention the services for which clients approach them more. To answer this question, Amr elucidates that most of their clients come to them for Custom Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Dedicated Agile Teams, Staff Augmentation, and Dedicated Resources. Amr delightfully  mentions that Nile Bits’ Customer Satisfaction rate is %100, and its credit goes to the team of the company’s efficient and talented workforce.

Moreover, the software development professionals at Nile Bits are flexible, as they adopt the best and the most effortless process that fits their customers’ requirements and expectations. Such efficient services will help the company secure a leading position among the top software development companies in the U.S. at GoodFirms.

Discussing Nile Bits’ communication channels, the CEO referred to their internal ticket system, including Phone Calls, Skype, Video/Voice/Text, Microsoft Teams, Video/Voice/Text, Slack, Text, and Emails.

In terms of the services’ cost-effectiveness, budget and price structure, Mr. Saafan explained that for the client’s projects, they use a pay-per-milestone module for dedicated resources. Saafan further added that the minimum budget required for project development for reliable resources is $20K, and the price ranges from $10K to $150K.

Getting a bit futuristic about the growth of Nile Bits, The CEO revealed that he wants to turn the company into the most significant software outsourcing company delivering the best software and resources to their clients in the coming decade.

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