Examples Of JavaScript Applications

Examples Of JavaScript Applications

What is the purpose of JavaScript? Developers can create interactive and dynamic web pages with JavaScript. Since 1995, JavaScript applications have been powering the internet.

JavaScript is now used for a wide range of purposes, both within and outside of the web. Continue reading to find out what JavaScript is used for and how it can help you.

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm, just-in-time (JIT) compiled programming language with dynamic typing. JavaScript, when combined with HTML and CSS, is one of the most widely used technologies on the World Wide Web.

The web was purely static prior to the development of JavaScript. JavaScript allows web pages to have complex content that can react to user manipulation or animate on its own.

JavaScript could initially only be used on the client side, that is, in web browsers. However, code can be written and executed server-side using Node.js, a cross-platform runtime environment for JavaScript.

To execute code, nearly every browser has its own JavaScript engine. And most websites rely on JavaScript for client-side functionality.

The JIT compiler in JavaScript is particularly noteworthy. Languages that are interpreted are known to be slower than languages that are compiled. The JIT compiler, on the other hand, is a feature of the run-time interpreter.

It combines the benefits of an interpreted language, such as dynamic typing, with the benefits of compiled code, such as stricter error prevention.

Another feature of JavaScript is dynamic typing. This feature denotes less stringent restrictions on variable declarations.

Similarly, object-oriented programming, one of the many programming paradigms supported by JavaScript, allows developers to think more intuitively.

What Is JavaScript Used For?

The primary use of JavaScript is to build web-based applications. Some of what JavaScript can do for the web includes:

  • adding interactive behavior to web pages like zooming in and out or playing audio/video
  • creating web and mobile apps, the most popular examples consist of the likes of Netflix and Uber
  • building web servers and server-side applications using Node.js
  • create games that operate inside the browser

5 Examples of JavaScript Applications

Here are some more details on what JavaScript can do to help you understand what it is used for and how to implement it in your business.

1. Web & Mobile Apps

For developing web and mobile apps, JavaScript supports several frameworks, including React Native, Ionic, and Angular. Depending on what JavaScript is used for in each framework, all of these frameworks extend tooling to simplify development.

One well-known company that uses JavaScript to power its online community is Facebook. Facebook created two JavaScript frameworks called React and React Native.

2. Game Development 

JavaScript can be used to create web browser games. GitHub hosts a collection of game engines, many of which use HTML5.

With the help of the WebXR Device API, JavaScript is even being used in the virtual reality industry.

3. Server Applications

Server-side scripting has the immediate benefit of allowing content to load without regard for browser capacity. Reduced load times can lead to improved SEO and increased customer satisfaction.

This is yet another example of how JavaScript can be used. Developers can create server-side applications using the JavaScript runtime environment, Node.js.

4. Interactive UX

The most common example of how JavaScript is used is to provide an interactive user experience (UX). JavaScript is an essential front-end development technology.

JavaScript is responsible for how you navigate the web by using a drop-down arrow to scroll to the bottom of a page.

5. AI & Machine Learning Projects

JavaScript has the libraries to support development for AI-related projects as well. Tensorflow.js, for instance, is a JavaScript library for machine learning. You can build and train machine learning models using the library. 


Knowing what JavaScript is used for can help you adjust your business plan accordingly for your project’s needs. Web development is more than just building websites and spans a number of industries. 

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