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Custom validator scrolls page to the top in ASP.NET

If we add a ValidationSummary control to the page, its ValidationSummaryOnSubmit function invokes “window.scrollTo(0,0)” when page is invalid. That’s why the page scrolls to the top. To workaround this issue, we can assign a function to window.scrollTo which do nothing, so that window.scrollTo(0,0) will not take effect. This workaround is appropriate for the pages which...

A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client ASP.NET

I got this error message when I try to submit a form with HTML Code, the default settings of the .NET Framework will not allow me to submit HTML Code to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. To avoid this error set Validate Request to false in the Page Directive.ValidateRequest="false" but this is not recommended.

How to remove HTML tags from string in C#

I will show you three different methods to remove HTML tags from string in C#: 1. By using Regex: public static string RemoveHTMLTags(string html) { return Regex.Replace(html, "<.*?>", string.Empty); } 2. By using Compiled Regex for better performance: static Regex htmlRegex = new Regex("<.*?>", RegexOptions.Compiled); public static string RemoveHTMLTagsCompiled(string html) { return htmlRegex.Replace(html, string.Empty); } 3. By using Char Array for...