Why use Angular for Progressive Web Application development?

Why use Angular for Progressive Web Application development?

The way businesses operate has changed since the introduction of so-called mobile phones. While the evolution began with the creation of websites, we now live in the age of mobile apps. Mobile apps are the best way to connect with your customers and workforce because they provide timely notifications, quick deliverables, and convenience.

This gave rise to a new category of apps known as Progressive Web Apps. PWAs are the mobile version of web apps and an excellent alternative to native apps. They are feature-rich and lightweight. There are numerous frameworks that aid in the development of such apps, but Angular stands out.

Here are the main reasons why Angular is the best choice.

Five reasons Why Angular for Progressive Web App development

  1. Backed by JavaScript: Angular being a JavaScript enabled framework, facilitates the creation of reliable apps. In addition to the above, the JavaScript components account for the robustness and responsiveness of the app. All the objects used are POJO which simplifies the manipulation of the object using the JavaScript functionalities.
  2. The integration of CLI reduces the learning curve: For long, developers have been worried about the steeper learning curve of Angular and very few opted for it. This is one reason why there were very few companies that used to offer Angular development services to help businesses. However, with the introduction of the CLI or the command line interface, now anyone can work on the tool to design and build a progressive web app. Angular 8 has added two more commands to the library, further simplifying the process of app creation.
  3. Doesn’t require you to be an expert: Starting to work on a new framework might scare you off but such is not the case with Angular. With the introduction of Service Workers, on and after Angular 5, developers can now benefit from the inbuilt support and create progressive web apps with greater ease. Meaning that you won’t require any expertise in building the app.
  4. Extra features – IntelliSense and Typescript: All of the software built using Angular are based on the Typescript language. This is the superscript of JavaScript and ensures the optimal security of the developed application. The presence of typescript automatically catches and eliminates errors at the time of coding. In addition to this, typescript further enables auto-completion, refactoring, and better navigation facilities. For any web application development using angular framework, you can also engage with a reputed custom Angular development company for quick time-to-market and expert guidance.
  5. Dependency Injection: An excellent feature that eliminates the dependency of objects on each other. At times, one module needs support from another module. It is important that each is active in a standalone environment. So, none of the objects are created as a dependent object. Instead, they are designed to act independently and be injected as and when needed.


Angular is the undisputed leader in security, reliability, robustness, and maintainability. When it comes to designing a progressive web app, Angular is the best fit because it follows the MVC pattern and has an improved architecture.

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