Egypt as the Best Country for Software Development Outsourcing

Egypt as the Best Country for Software Development Outsourcing

There is a lot of interest in software development outsourcing to Egypt. Learn about local engineering talent, which companies outsource app development to Egypt, and how much money you can save using this method.

Outsourcing software development has proven to be an excellent method of delegating specific tasks. Massive corporations and small businesses alike consider this option to save money while receiving high-quality products.

However, once you’ve decided to outsource your next project to a team in another country, a critical question arises: where should you outsource software development? What region would be best in terms of cost, cultural similarities, convenient time zones, and so on? What region has a strong track record of providing this type of service? Where can you find professionals to whom you can entrust your one-of-a-kind product?

Today, you’ll learn about one of the top outsourcing destinations in the 2022s.

Egypt software outsourcing has grown in popularity since 1999, when major IT companies began to expand and seek talent from around the world. Egypt has received recognition from numerous international institutions, well-known corporations, and emerging startups twenty years later. Have a cup of coffee and learn why outsourcing software development to Egypt could be your best business decision.

A quick look back: in-house development vs. outsourcing

If you’re still unsure whether it’s worthwhile to look for contractors or organize work with an outsourcing team, here’s a quick rundown of why outsourcing is a good and profitable idea.

Short time-to-market

According to Workable, it takes more than 30 workdays to hire a qualified software engineer in the United States. Depending on the needs and requirements of your project, the search and interviewing process could take months.

If you intend to handle it yourself, hiring an entire team may take too much time and energy. Delegating this task to the recruitment team could cost you thousands of dollars more.

These factors cause your product launch to be delayed. And a short delay may give your potential competitor an advantage.

Development outsourcing saves you time: you find a team, discuss the essentials, and begin the development process.

Cost optimization

We previously mentioned the costs associated with the recruitment process. Add in the cost of office space, hardware, and software required for efficient engineering processes. Consider employee salaries: regardless of how many hours an engineer contributes to the process, you must pay the entire monthly salary.

This was highlighted in our article on app development costs. Examine the specifics and numbers.

Outsourcing allows you to pay only for the actual work done. There are no hidden fees: you only pay for what you get. In the early stages of your business’s growth, cutting unnecessary expenses is critical.

Focus on business process

The outsourcing team does not require your direct involvement in all processes. You can always attend a specific meeting or discussion, but you can also save time and focus on business growth, promotion, and public relations.

Financial attractiveness

Statista examined the top countries for offshore business services and came up with some impressive findings. Although the United States tops the list, it is one of the least cost-effective options. The salary of a software engineer in the United States is approximately 400 percent higher than in Egypt.

With limited resources, the outsourcing option may be much more appealing. Continue reading; we’ll look at the total cost of a project and calculate how much you can save a few blocks down the road.

World-class product’s quality

Lower development service prices may raise some eyebrows. Will the less expensive outsourcing product be of the same quality as the more expensive in-house product?

It would, indeed. Furthermore, the software outsourcing team may produce far superior results in terms of quality. The reason is straightforward: when hiring an in-house specialist, the recruitment market is limited, and you must find an employee in a specific city. When looking for an outsourcing provider, consider that the best professionals on the planet may contribute to your product.

Outsource software development to Egypt: Talents


Egyptian software engineers are also proficient in a variety of programming languages. JavaScript is the primary programming language used by the majority of specialists. And this is nothing new; JavaScript remains the most popular programming language in the world. The list is completed by PHP, C#, Java and Python. Meanwhile, Egyptian engineers are proficient in emerging technologies such as Rust and Erlang.

The talents not only broaden their knowledge in their primary field, but they also keep up with development trends and use cutting-edge tools in their side projects.

Without creative designers and skilled testers, effective teamwork is impossible. Without a professional marketing team, effective product promotion is difficult to achieve. Software engineers are not the only specialists in Egypt who can contribute to your product.

Fluency in English

The language barrier is another critical factor that entrepreneurs may be concerned about. But this is not the case in the Egyptian market, where more than 90% of engineers have Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate English skills. More than 32% are fluent in advanced English. Perfect English allows for seamless communication with foreign teammates. Because the majority of them work in outsourcing firms, they are used to working with international teams on a daily basis. Specialists who use the Agile approach and the Scrum framework for effective work organization are accustomed to frequent meetings and verbal and written communication in English.

Outsource software development to Egypt: other factors

Now that you’ve seen a portrait of Egyptian IT professionals, consider a few more reasons to outsource software development to Egypt.

Time zones

Another reason to priorities Egypt is its geographical location. No matter where your headquarters are, you can still arrange a meeting that is convenient for both you and your outsourcing partner.

Convenient hub

Convenient flights among Egyptian, European, and US cities make the country a perfect destination for convenient business trips. Just a couple of hours – and you are on a face to face business meeting with your team.

Costs for software development in Egypt

We’ve already mentioned how financially appealing Egypt is. Now consider some actual numbers.

Prices for software engineering services in Egypt are several times lower than in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Germany. One of the primary reasons why companies in the United States, Western Europe, and the Middle East outsource software development to Egypt is the low cost of development.

The distinction varies from case to case. However, if you are willing to invest hundreds of thousands of hours in your product, every small detail is important.

To clarify, consider the following scenario. You intend to create a minimum viable product (MVP) for a web-based startup. To complete your project, you will need two software engineers, a software tester, a UI/UX designer, a business analyst, and a project manager. Here’s an estimate of how much you’ll need to invest:

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