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Why Nodejs is so fast?

If you're startled by Node.js's popularity, you're not alone. Don't worry, you're not the only one who feels this way. Node.js has taken the world of online and application development by storm since its birth in 2009, rising as the most popular development environment. The popularity of Node.js is due to a number of causes....

JavaScript VS. TypeScript

JavaScript and TypeScript are two of the most popular programming languages today. While both of these programming languages are primarily used for web application development, TypeScript has recently gained traction as RxJS and Angular have begun to use it. So, should you switch your web app from JavaScript to TypeScript? This post will undoubtedly provide an answer...

Exception Handling in Angular 10

I am using Angular 10 and when I click to open Persons page I get “Nulljector error” and redirect me to the home page . NullInjectorError: No provider for PersonServiceProxy! <a ng-reflect-router-link="/app/main/phonebook" href="/app/main/phonebook">phonebook </a> The solution : Add your ServiceProxy to providers in "\angular\src\shared\service-proxies\service-proxy.module.ts". Open service-proxy.module.ts fileIn @NgModule > providers > Add this Line “ApiServiceProxies.PersonServiceProxy” like this