The Best Visual Studio Code Extensions For Remote Working

The Best Visual Studio Code Extensions For Remote Working

In the era of digital connectivity and remote work, developers rely on powerful tools to collaborate and be productive irrespective of their physical location. Visual Studio Code (VS Code) has emerged as a leading code editor, offering a versatile and customizable environment for developers. One of its most significant strengths lies in its extensive collection of extensions that enhance the remote working experience. In this blog post, we will explore the best Visual Studio Code extensions for remote working, empowering developers to seamlessly collaborate, access remote resources, and boost productivity.

Remote Development Pack

The Remote Development Pack is an all-in-one extension package that revolutionizes remote working in VS Code. It includes three key extensions: Remote – SSH, Remote – Containers, and Remote – WSL. With these extensions, developers can effortlessly work on remote machines, inside Docker containers, or with the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). This pack offers flexibility, efficiency, and security by enabling developers to code and debug seamlessly on remote environments.

Live Share

Collaboration is a fundamental aspect of remote working, and the Live Share extension takes it to the next level. With Live Share, developers can share their VS Code environment with teammates in real-time, allowing for simultaneous editing, debugging, and even audio communication. This extension eliminates the need for lengthy code reviews or screen sharing sessions, making remote collaboration feel as smooth as in-person coding.


Git is an essential version control system, and GitLens brings its power directly into VS Code. This extension enhances remote development by providing inline Git blame annotations, code lens, and other valuable insights into the codebase. With GitLens, remote developers can easily navigate through the history of a file, track changes made by collaborators, and gain a deeper understanding of the project’s evolution.

Visual Studio IntelliCode

Writing code efficiently is crucial when working remotely, and the Visual Studio IntelliCode extension assists in that regard. Powered by AI, IntelliCode analyzes code patterns across millions of repositories to provide intelligent suggestions and auto-completion. This extension saves time and effort by predicting the next code snippet and enhancing the developer’s productivity while working remotely.

Code Spell Checker

Effective communication is essential when collaborating remotely, and nothing undermines it more than spelling mistakes in code comments or documentation. The Code Spell Checker extension helps remote developers maintain professionalism by identifying and highlighting spelling errors in their code. With support for various programming languages and customizable dictionaries, this extension ensures accurate and error-free written communication.


Containers have become a cornerstone of modern software development, and the Docker extension for VS Code enables remote developers to harness their power seamlessly. With this extension, developers can build, manage, and deploy containers without leaving their code editor. Whether it’s spinning up containers for local testing or deploying them on remote servers, Docker integration in VS Code simplifies container-related tasks during remote development.

Remote – SSH

Editing files on remote servers is a common task for remote developers, and the Remote – SSH extension makes it effortless. By securely connecting to remote machines over SSH, developers can edit files directly in their local VS Code instance. The extension also provides remote debugging capabilities, ensuring a seamless remote development experience.

REST Client

Developers working on remote APIs or web services will find the REST Client extension invaluable. It allows remote developers to interact with HTTP APIs directly from within VS Code. With REST Client, developers can send HTTP requests, view responses, and even save and organize API calls for later use. This extension streamlines the testing and development of remote APIs, enabling developers to iterate quickly and efficiently.


In today’s remote working world, the right set of tools can make all the difference in a developer’s productivity and collaboration capabilities. Visual Studio Code, with its vast collection of extensions, provides an exceptional environment for remote development. By leveraging extensions like Remote Development Pack, Live Share, GitLens, Visual Studio IntelliCode, Code Spell Checker, Docker, Remote – SSH, and REST Client, developers can unlock new levels of efficiency, security, and collaboration while working remotely. These extensions empower developers to seamlessly work with remote resources, collaborate with teammates in real-time, and write code more effectively. With the aid of these extensions, remote working becomes a truly immersive and productive experience for developers using Visual Studio Code. Contact Nile Bits now to hire world class developers.

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