Software Architecture Techniques

Software Architecture Techniques

One of the characteristics that distinguishes average software development companies from high-performing ones is their attitude toward the software architecture culture.

Software Architecture Culture

Based on our experience at Nile Bits, teams where software developers and architects pay special attention to software architecture quality have a better culture and produce better results. The culture and results are poorer in teams where it is all about delivering tickets as quickly as possible. It has been established! However, it is critical to emphasize that focusing too much on software architecture and not enough on delivery is also extremely counter-productive. It is critical to value software architecture as well as strive for continuous delivery.

“Internal quality of a software system enables new features and improvements to be delivered more sustainably. Design, how things are named, structured, organised and so on, is a fundamental part of internal quality.” 

Martin Fowler

Nurturing software architecture techniques

Focus on business-optimized software architecture

Building software systems that are optimized for solving business problems and are easy to evolve over time as business needs change is the true value of software architecture. When architectural boundaries align with domain boundaries, changes are easier to implement and team dependencies are reduced. A solid understanding of business domains is essential for software architects in order to create business-optimized software architecture. It is critical to spend time with domain experts on a regular basis.

Be part of software architecture community 

Encouraging and rewarding software architecture necessitates the use of effective communication channels through which information can be shared and reached the intended audience. There are numerous ways to spread software architecture ideas and success stories, including blogs, newsletters, software architecture-focused Slack channels, events (such as the Global Software Architecture Summit), software architecture workshops, podcasts, books, and company-wide software architecture meetings.

Encourage collaborative mindset

It is wonderful to have people who enjoy reviewing and providing constructive feedback. Visual collaboration techniques are also beneficial. They aid in the spread of domain knowledge and allow everyone to participate in continuous improvement. Domain Storytelling and Event Storming are excellent techniques for bringing domain experts and engineers together to model business flows collaboratively. Furthermore, Example Mapping is an excellent choice for collaboratively crunching domain knowledge to define requirements. Teams must have tools that allow them to constantly visualize their work, especially when working remotely. Miro is a great tool for collaboration, organization, and visualization that I recommend you try.

Take time to think about good architecture

Software developers are more likely to take the time to think about good software architecture if they believe it is acceptable. Quality architecture is just as important as delivering lines of code, according to technology leaders. Putting money into software architecture should be rewarded. Technology leaders may seek out case studies of good architecture and distribute them to the entire software development team, citing them as examples of great engineering practices to which all should aspire.

Explore options & assessing trade-offs

Exploring options and weighing trade-offs is essential for creating better software architecture. Actually, obsessing over minor details can make code and infrastructure easier to continuously improve and deploy.

Invite architecture-minded professionals to give a workshop in your company

There are many interesting people who are passionate about architecture in the software architecture communities. Inviting them to speak at your company, give a hands-on workshop, and interact with your teams is a great way to get people excited about your company and introduce new ideas. It can be a cost-effective strategy.

Take into account early adopters

People who are early adopters are more open to new ideas and techniques, or they have already seen the benefits of a specific software architecture. These experts could provide a significant boost to innovation and improvement.

Take into account early adopters

Early adopters are people who are more open to new ideas and techniques, or who have already seen the benefits of a particular software architecture. These experts could provide a significant push toward innovation and improvement.

Hire industry Influencers

Hiring people who are well-known in the industry can generate excitement and a desire to grow.

I hope you found these methods helpful! You can also rely on us for assistance with your software architecture project. We have world-class software architects on our team!

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